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Are you a company ? Professionals ? looking for to entertain one of your corporate event ? NIHON BUYO SENJU provides a variety of performance to showcase : kabuki (Japanese traditional theatre genre), dance, shamisen and folklore songs.

Do not hesitate to tell us any inquiries, we would be glad to hear from you and we will try to adapt to your needs !

You can contact us  through THIS FORM here.


For those interested in learning continuously one or several Japanese traditional arts.

No matter the level you are at when starting, we are conveiced that you will enjoy our content and teaching way. Not only practice is important at our school, but also history so you can get a better and deeper understanding of Japanese Tradition through arts.

Place : Tokyo and Osaka                

More details over HERE !              Online lessons available too !

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Are you travelling in Japan and want to discover more about Traditional arts ? 

We are waiting for you in Tokyo and Osaka !

Come and join us to our one-shot experience where you will be dresssed in a beautiful yukata

Single, Couple ? or a bunch of friends ? Don't worry, we will all have fun together while immersing into Japanese culture !


 Available in Tokyo and Osaka                

More details over HERE !

NIHON BUYO SENJU school offers a studio rental service, especially for

teachers/instructors in other disciplines and other professionals in need.

Studio 1 :  Noe3-12-2 Joto-ku Osaka City Japan 536-0006

Studio 2 :1-chōme-2-8 Kitakyūhōjimachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka 541-0057

Further details HERE.




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